Project title: Support the families and family associations of missing persons, in advocating of the rights of family members of missing persons

Project goal and objectives: The project’s goal is to support the process of enlightening the fate of missing persons from all ethnic backgrounds, and in increasing awareness and understanding of the general public on the issue of missing persons in Kosovo, through:

i) Support to the relevant government institutions in Kosovo in fulfilling their responsibilities in solving the remaining missing persons’ cases, and increasing awareness and understanding among the general public on the issue of missing persons, thus jointly pressuring authorities to perform;

ii) Facilitation of the dialogue among the missing persons’ families from all ethnic backgrounds through joint family and youth centered activities, with an aim of confidence building and common understanding between the associations of families of missing persons and their members;

iii) Support in solving the cases of the misidentified missing persons. 

Project time-line: 1 October 2018 – 30 April 2021

The project is fully funded and supported by:

The British Embassy in Kosovo through UNDP Kosovo

The U.S. Embassy in Kosovo through KUSA Kosovo